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Simplifying Health

Health: The External Forces vs Your Internal Resistance

To understand health, first and foremost is to understand that having symptoms does not make one sick or not having symptoms does not make one healthy.

An example of this might be someone who seemingly does everything right – eats a healthy diet, exercises regularly, gets adequate rest, has a great attitude, low stress, great job, feels good and also looks happy and healthy. 

This person gets a medical diagnosis of cancer one day, did he or she just get cancer when they were diagnosed?  Of course not, that destruction was accumulating over years including when they were looking and feeling great.  Make sense?

Here’s another example:  you and I go out to eat at a chinese buffet.  We like the same things and so our plates our basically identical.  We both go back to our respectable homes and you sleep like a baby yet I am up all night in the bathroom eliminating from all areas.  When I call you the next morning you tell me that you slept great and yet I was up all night having a lot of trouble.  Now, we would likely both assume that you are healthy and fine and that I have some sort of weakness or vulnerability or sickness.  Something is wrong with me and nothing is wrong at all with you, correct?  

Now, we come to find out that the food was tainted.  You kept it in all night and then some while I actually did what I was supposed to do by eliminating the spoiled food.  

Hopefully after those two examples you have a better understanding of symptoms and health?  For now on if you could think of health more about function and less about feeling you will be much better off and can benefit greatly.

I have personally lived under this understanding of health for the past 24 years and approaching my half-life this year.  So the first 24 years of my life comparing my health to the last 24 years are very different after learning about and practicing following natural law. 

Now, If you could get your internal resistance up, that is key.  The goal is to improve your health and not necessarily look to treat or change symptoms after they show up.

The single greatest way I know of to raise your internal resistance is to get under Upper Cervical Spine Care.  This precision healthcare will help your Nervous System to function more efficiently and since your Nervous System is the master system of the body this makes the most significant difference of all.

The answers are inside of you or were provided on Earth for you.  God Made or Mother Nature Made or Universal Intelligence Made is the what you want to go with whenever possible as this is more of a long term solution.  Man made is where you have to be very careful.

Eating fresh, raw, organic fruits & vegetables, exercising, drinking plenty of clean water, taking little or no medication, getting proper amounts of sleep, thinking optimistically, all help to raise your internal resistance.

When your internal resistance is higher it takes more external forces to overpower you and give you trouble.  This means that most of the time you will be able to overcome trouble on your own and this is where you grow in your faith and understanding of your inner health strength.

Is there a time and place for Medications?  Yes, in some people but even they should only be on it temporarily.

Can someone improve their health without medications?  Not only can they, this is the recommended way to do that.

Medications alter symptoms and cover them up, they do not fix the problem.  Upper Cervical Spine Care is intended to fix the cause of the problem and in our office we have seen over 95% of the time that is exactly what happens.

Once you get your Brainstem and Spinal Cord functioning more efficiently, everything else starts to run more efficiently.  In many cases we have seen the body able to overcome or improve various health conditions such as Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Post-Concussion Syndrome, Seizures, Balance Troubles, Parkinson’s, ALS, Auto-Immune Conditions, Spine Conditions, Insomnia, Migraines and more.     

On top of the general good things you can do for your health you should be sure that what runs your body is at ease and functioning more efficiently so that you could be well.







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