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Welcome to a New Way to Health!

Here’s something to think about:

There is no definition in any medical text book or medical dictionary that defines health as feeling good or not having any symptoms.

Disappointingly, this is how Americans judge their health and to make matters worse, what the medical society teaches.

If you feel good you’re healthy, if you feel lousy you’re sick.  It’s the biggest lie ever  told and has no rightful place in health care today. Actually, it is not really even health care under this model, it is sick care.

When sick care is built upon such a huge contradiction and packaged as health care it is no wonder that as a country we are sick.

To further add insult to injury, as we spend more money on more medications and medical procedures we are getting worse as it is no surprise that cancer, heart disease and diabetes numbers are continuing to rise.

If that model was the answer and was successful, then at least that would justify the high costs in healthcare with us getting value for our dollar and healthier as a nation.

Our health is getting so bad that now is the first time ever that the life expectancy is actually lower for the babies being born today than any previous generation.

So, what can you do about it?  You decide who you want to see to some extent you do have some power here.  It is set up so that you have to get insurance and then can use it for medications and medical procedures so that is what most people do.

Here is the big question that will have to be answered to make change to our healthcare system:

Would you rather save money and have a lower quality of life or spend a little more money and experience a higher quality of life?

Because you actually do have a choice.  Where you choose to spend your money speaks volumes of what you want and what you support.

There is another option for you that makes a lot of sense when we are talking about a better quality of life and better health expression.

Let’s be clear about something here: Medical Care in America is #1 when it comes to trauma care, first aid care, emergency care and that is what it should be used for.

Next BLOG will discuss another option which makes sense and that most people never even knew existed; Upper Cervical Specific Health Care.



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