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Ever Hit Your Head?

If you have ever hit your head and are having health troubles there may be more of a connection than you might think?

Because your head is approximately 10 lbs in weight and sits atop your top vertebra in your neck called your Atlas which weighs 2 ounces, it is not a great ratio for stability and proper alignment to remain.
As a result, from the birth process, falls, injuries, car accidents, concussions, whiplash, etc. your head can get into slight misalignment (from 1-5 mm off is most common) at the junction where it sits on top of your atlas (very top of the neck).

When this happens it will always alter function at your lower brainstem and this is where the destructive events begin.
Blood Flow, Oxygen, Nerve Flow & Cerebral Spinal Fluid Flow up to your head & brain are significantly thrown off which results in abnormal brain function.

With abnormal brain function any host of health conditions may now result: Seizures, Depression, Headaches, Vertigo, Chronic Fatigue, Sensitivity to Light or Sound, Dementia, ALS, MS, Trigeminal Neuralgia, the list goes on.
Why? Because every function that your body must perform is done first at brainstem or brain.
If your brainstem is not functioning properly then your brain cannot function properly.
If your brain cannot function properly then your body cannot function properly.

The sooner that you gain this understanding the quicker you are to returning to health once again.
Understand that this is technically not a treatment for any condition other than the correction of the vertebral subluxation of the upper cervical spine which allows proper brainstem function to return.
Once proper brainstem function returns then the brain can function properly.
Once your brain functions properly then your body can get the brains healing messages and you can be well again.

So it really does not matter what condition that you are suffering from does it? Because we are looking for the problem at the source and we will fix the problem at the source you then have the opportunity to get well.
The opportunity that is only afforded to those that get this understanding and take action on it.
Contact our office at once to find out if this is an option for you, it just might be what you have been looking for all along…

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