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When It Comes To Your Family’s Healthcare, Do You Patch Up The Hole or Fix The Leak At It’s Source?

A Good Example of Smart, Sensible Healthcare is Fixing The Cause of The Trouble with Upper Cervical Spine Care. Dr Arnone practices in St Charles, MO 63301.

Did you know you have a choice when it comes to your family’s health?

You can choose to do things that can mask or change the symptoms or you can do things that fix & correct the cause of the problem, yes you do have a choice.
An example of masking the symptoms is when people try to self-medicate their troubles away perhaps with alcohol or street drugs or get an over the counter medication.
They may even go as far as going to the medical doctor and likely receiving a prescription for a drug to take.
Those methods may cover up the symptoms or perhaps even provide some temporary relief but they unfortunately do not fix the underlying cause.

An example of fixing & correcting the cause is first by starting with the area that runs your body for proper function – this is your nervous system. Surrounded and protected by your vertebrae, your nervous system is first involved in every thought you have, every action you do. These movable bones of your spine can get stuck out of position from a slip & fall, concussion injury, car accident, sports injury, birth injury etc. which throws off nervous system function.

If your nervous system cannot function properly then how on earth can any other part of your body function properly?
Since your Nervous System controls & coordinates all of the cells of your body, then it simply must function properly for you to express your full health potential.

Let’s say that you have a leak coming down from your ceiling. The dripping water is the effect or your symptom. You call a contractor in town that seems good and he comes over and patches up the ceiling tile which may stop or change the effect so that you no longer have water dripping down from your ceiling, for now.
Are you happy with this result? Perhaps for the moment but what about the next time it rains or the next time you have water dripping from your ceiling?

Or let’s say you find a contractor that is really good and has a lot of people waiting to go and see him and have a lot of good things to say about him. You have him come out and he actually takes it a step further by cleaning up any water mess above and below and actually changes out the ceiling tile.
Are you now very happy with this result? Perhaps for now it appears that he has done exceptional work and for the time being you are happy, for now. If he didn’t help locate & fix the cause of the trouble, then it is with near-certainty that the next time it rains there will be once again water dripping from your ceiling.

Now let’s say you call a guy to come out who looks beyond the ceiling tile and it’s vicinity, he goes outside and onto the roof. Then he goes inside to where above the ceiling is and the base of the roof begins, wow! No other contractor even looked at the areas that this guy did. And not only that, he found trouble that was causing or contributing to the leaky ceiling, was able to explain that to you and even showed you pictures of the problem so that you had a basic understanding of what he found and what he was going to go through in order to properly fix the problem. Now, how would you feel after working with this guy as compared to the others? It’s no comparison right? This is what you would want if you only knew that this was an option for you to choose correct?

These examples are to help illustrate a problem that exists in healthcare today. There is a tremendous option here for you that you likely have never even heard of before today. This option can make a huge difference in the outcome of your health for today and going forward even if after being diagnosed with some debilitating conditions. As long as the problems that you are having did not cause too much devastation for your body to overcome once functioning correctly again. This option I am now providing you with is called Upper Cervical Spine Care. This is basically the science of locating, measuring and fixing a locked out vertebra at the top of your neck that interferes with brainstem function.

This might be so minute that you may not feel it or know that it is even there but the problems which result can be tremendous.

This begins a very destructive process which will continue to wreak havoc year after year unless it is corrected properly. This is why most people with health trouble continue to worsen because they have not been told what the cause is nor how to fix and correct it.

As you now know, there is a smart, sensible option out there for you and your family. When I was sick for many years after multiple concussion injuries, I did not know that there was anyone out there who could help me either, and it was scary. Once I learned about the Upper Cervical Work and took action on it, my life began to turn around to the point that I no longer have any symptoms and am in very good health as a result.

There is a much better way to take care of your family’s health should you choose to.
It’s simply a better world when you have the leak in the roof properly fixed, yes, even when it rains.

Upper Cervical Spine Doctor “Brainstem Specialist”, Dr Robert Arnone is located in St Charles Missouri just off of Main Street in St Charles only about 9 minutes from St Louis Airport.





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