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Concussions: Why Wait & Rest Is Not The Best

Here is the usual scenario:  A student-athlete has a concussion and goes to the doctor.  The family is told that he or she has had a concussion and will be monitored until they are better.  No screens, limited schoolwork, sitting out of sports and PE, basically limiting or reducing stress to the body and especially to the brain.  Yes, the body tends to use much of it’s energy towards healing and repair in this instance after a brain injury.  Yes, rest helps to assist in this process and therefore is not a bad thing to be doing.

However, you may have been told that everything appears normal, if there was an MRI performed that the results are negative which starts to lend itself to a concussion being somewhat of an invisible injury.  Well, a concussion is not invisible just because the attending doctor does not see it.

There is a physical injury that occurs with concussion and unless that injury is located, measured and corrected properly, they will continue to suffer negative brain effects as a result.  Whether the symptoms are noticed or not does not constitute if they are better and certainly does not deem them ready to return to contact and full participation.

Head & Neck Alignment and Misalignment is the real issue here because this is the Area of Injury which alters blood flow & nerve flow up to the brain & head when a concussion has taken place.  It is the cranial-cervical junction that gets compromised and starves the brain and head from receiving proper input and flow.

Not only was this the answer for me personally in making a complete recovery after nearly 15 years of concussion problems, but we have seen this problem as a major contributor or cause in over 95% of concussion cases to date.

Since a brain injury is a very complicated and serious injury there are other factors at times which may play a role in the person’s worsening as well as the head & neck misalignment.  In other words, we are saying that this is likely a large part of the trouble but in many cases this may not be the one and only factor causing abnormal brain function and various pain syndromes.

Besides the cervical spine being a major influence we have seen some cases where the vestibular system and/or the oculomotor system have contributed to trouble as well.  Since the Upper Cervical Spine has direct influence upon these other two systems, it is highly recommended to clear out any problems there first and foremost before investigating the possible need for vestibular or oculomotor system treatment.

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